When is the right time to Buy Gift Cards?

Timing is everything, you need to buy a discount gift card ahead to get ready for a sale or for an important purchase.

However, you also need to be sure that when you buy a discount gift card it is actually a good discount. How would you go about making sure that the Sale Price is actually a “Sale” for that cheap gift card you’re looking at?

  1. Look at the Charts, most gift card exchange sites have charts
Photo Taken from GiftCardio.com

Here you can see that Jiffy Lube has been decreasing in their discount over time. It looks like the best time to buy would’ve been two weeks ago. So it doesn’t look like it is that cheap of a gift card.

2. Take into consideration the Trend of the Chart

You can see that the Blue Line (Average Discount) has been very steady vs Red Line (Best Discount) has been erratic. A lot of times this is because certain sellers have excess stock so they offer deep discounts on gift cards to clear out their inventory.

Taking that into consideration that the average still is pretty even over time it seems that now is as good a time as ever to buy. Unless you want to set an alert and stay up waiting to buy a card. 🙂

3. Catalog the Card

The worst part of buying a gift card is loosing it. Be sure you have a storage method, take pictures of it and keep it in a safe place that you WONT forget it. It’s happened to me, it can happen you to!

4. Decide what to do with the money you saved


That part is up to you 🙂



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